Breakfast at Willard's

Our signature breakfast dishes are included with your stay and features a variety of local cuisine. Some of our guests may have food allergies or foods they would prefer not to eat, we are happy to accommodate your special needs if possible, so please advise when booking and we will do our utmost to meet your requirements.

The menu below shows the breakfast dishes available.

Local Cuisine - Breakfast Menu


  • Saltfish buljol with roast bake/coconut bake OR
  • Smoked herring with roast bake/coconut bake OR
  • Melongene (eggplant) choka with fried bake OR
  • Fried plantains with fried bake
  • Fish Broth or Souse (pig foot/chicken foot)
  • Sweetbread or Cassava pone


  • Sardines, cheese, eggs or sausages
  • Baked products: whole wheat bread, white bread, hops/rolls, sada roti


  • Fresh squeezed juice (orange, grapefruit, portugal as available)
  • Fresh fruit punch (melon, pawpaw, passion fruit, pommecythere, mango or banana as available)
  • Coffee, Tea, Fresh Herbs
  • Local Seasonal fruits

Willard's Breakfast Experience

Looking for more than what's on the menu? Breakfast requests are available.

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